Clean Air - No Pollution.

Project Clean Air is a collaboration between the Kastrup Branch of the United Federation of Danish Workers, Branch 16 of the Danish Metalworkers Union & the Guards & Security Employees Trade Union.


The Guards & Security Employees Trade Union (VSL), Branch 16 of the Danish Metalworkers Union and the Kastrup Branch of the United Federation of Danish Workers (3F)  have under this slogan entered into a formal collaboration with regard to reducing particle pollution at Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup. A Working Group has been established with representatives from the three trade unions which will be the focal point of the campaign. If you have got any proposals, good ideas or comments, then please let us know.


Through this joint campaign we will be able to reinforce the existing initiative which is what our members want. We have already in collaboration with Copenhagen Airport and the large companies in the airport implemented the following initiatives for reducing particle pollution:


  • Campaign for shutting down engines
  • Green equipment campaign
  • Minimizing the use of APU (auxiliary power unit)
  • Implementation of the measurement of the level of particle pollution in the airport


These are all initiatives which are pointing in the right direction, but we want to do more than that. We would like to involve politicians, here in Denmark as well as in the rest of the EU. We want to discuss threshold limit values (TLV) with the Danish Working Environment Service and other relevant parties. We would like to point out specific initiatives which could reduce particle emissions and much more.


We have decided to attach expertise to the campaign and have entered into collaboration with Kåre Press-Kristensen Ph.D from the Ecological Council. Kåre Press-Kristensen is going to assist us in the interpretation of reports, presentations at members' meetings and with international contacts etc.


Nobody is any longer in doubt about the damaging effects to health of particle pollution. It is a fact that a baggage handler has had his cancer of the bladder certified as being an occupational disease which only goes to emphasize the gravity and the necessity of our campaign.


The aim of the campaign is not to phase out the airport, on the contrary, we are talking about the development and the creation of a healthier and “greener” work place.


Read Measurement of ultrafine particle at the apron of Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup – in relation to work environment here





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